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We all know the importance of sleep for overall health and wellness. Disrupted, restless sleep and snoring can impact your life and often impact your partner’s quality of sleep also. 

To assist you in getting the rest your body needs, we offer sleep apnoea appliances that are designed to help treat sleep apnoea and similar sleeping conditions.

What you need to know

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea occurs during sleep when some of your muscles in the airway and throat relax, causing you to stop breathing for short periods of time. Custom made dental appliances can be very effective in treating sleep apnoea, and assist with both snoring and insomnia. These devices are worn during the night to hold your jaw in a forward position to keep airways open, and allow you to breathe normally.

If left untreated, sleep apnoea can lead to more serious health issues so it is always best to discuss any sleep issues you may be having with your dentist.

If a sleep apnoea device is a recommended option for you, we will start with a consult with one of our clinicians who are trained in fitting these devices. Impressions will be taken and jaw measurements and bite registrations done (this may happen in the consultation or at a separate appointment). These are then sent to a specialist dental laboratory to make the device that is customised to you. Approximately 3 weeks later, you will have an appointment to fit your device and show you how to care for and maintain your device.

It is important to bring your device along to your future dental check-up appointments for the fit to be checked and any adjustments made as needed.

You may feel some slight discomfort while getting used to wearing your device, but you will notice a difference from the first night of wearing it. Using your device every night will produce the best results and you should feel the benefits of a better sleep very quickly.  

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