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From the beginning, Dr Chau dedicated himself to creating a practice that felt more like a family by placing his patient’s needs and comfort at the forefront of his business. With this patient-centered philosophy, Dr Chau has achieved impressive growth and success while always maintaining his roots in personalised care. Over the years, the practice has gone from strength to strength to now include locations in Hobart and Rosny Park.


Meet the Team:

Dr Joseph Chau

As a young student, Dr Chau relocated from Hong Kong to Queensland to study at Nudgee College before enrolling at the Dental Faculty at The University of Queensland. In his final year at UQ he received a bursary from the Tasmanian Government which then required him to render dental services in Tasmania for 1 year. After 3 years Dr Chau and his wife, Irene, decided to make Tasmania their home and set about opening a private practice in 1969.

In his 50+ years in the dental industry, Dr Chau has achieved many professional accolades and personal accomplishments. During the period of 1974-1995 he was actively involved in the Australian Dental Association (ADA) of Tasmania as a dedicated committee member, including 3 years as president from 1982 – 84. In 1980 and 1995 he was also elected treasurer for the National Dental Congress.

In July 2000, Dr. Chau was elected a Fellow of the International College of Dentists – an honour given to him in recognition of his service to the Dental profession.


Currently Dr Chau is in clinic on Mondays and Tuesdays and enjoys offering support and mentorship to the other clinicians of the practice.

Dr Chau believes a significant factor to the success he has achieved has been due to a support team of amazing people who have changed and evolved over the years, but who have all encompassed his idea of patient-centred care.


Dr Chau is fluent in Cantonese and in his spare time he enjoys being with his children and grandchildren as well as gardening, fishing and golfing.

One of Dr Chau’s favourite quotes that he uses to guide both himself and his team is; "whatever you do in life, make sure you strive to be the best,” - but he claims he does a much better job of living up to this quote at the dental chair than he does on the golf course! 

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