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Protecting your teeth is of crucial importance in your oral health care practices.


When playing sport, accidents can happen – particularly in high contact sports. The best way to protect your mouth and teeth against dental injury is with a custom-made mouthguard.

Why custom-made?

Custom-made mouthguards are designed to protect you from dental injury. Being an exact fit to your teeth and mouth can lessen the impact of any contact with your teeth or jaw making them a better option than ready-made over the counter products.

Our mouthguards are made in house by taking impressions of your teeth and creating a mouthguard that is specific to your teeth and mouth. We have many colour options available for you to choose from and we will fit your mouthguard once it is made to ensure your comfort.

Your appointment to have your impression taken will be about 10 minutes, or sometimes people will opt to have them taken at a routine check-up. Mouthguards will usually be ready for collection about 1 week after the impression has been taken, however during busier times it is best to allow up to 2 weeks.

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