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If you suffer from dental anxiety, sedation is something you might like to discuss with your dentist. Sedation can help you feel more relaxed – particularly for more complex treatments like wisdom tooth removal or dental implants.


Sedation is a technique used to put you in a calm state while remaining conscious. At Dr Chau’s we use inhalation sedation which involves breathing in nitrous oxide gas to decrease pain sensitivity. Commonly known as ‘laughing gas’ or ‘happy gas.’ Inhalation sedation takes only minutes to start working, has no after effects and will wear off quickly after use.

Treatment under general anesthesia

General Anesthesia can be recommended for complex dental treatment, treatment for children and treatment for patients with dental anxiety. Patients requiring treatment under general anesthesia will have a detailed consultation with the dentist where you will be fully informed on what to expect.

What you need to know

If you require treatment under general anesthesia this will mean that you will have loss of consciousness and you will not feel, hear or remember anything.

The general anesthesia will be done in a hospital under the care of a qualified medical anesthetist just like any other surgery performed by a doctor.

In your consultation, you will be provided with a treatment plan and quote and be given admission forms to fill in. You will need to enquire with the hospital about any admission fees and anesthetist fees that they may invoice separately and you will be able to enquire with your health fund about any benefits you may be entitled to prior to the appointment date.

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